What are the Community Guidelines?

Whoosnap is a Community of people who are passionate about photos and videos, ready to share them and discover wonderful ones! We believe in kindness, creativity and curiosity. We respect each other’s copyright and privacy.

We propose these guidelines to encourage positive interactions and communication between the Whoosnap Community. As always, your Whoosnap use is subject to those guidelines and to our Terms and Conditions.

 I. The foundation

  • Stay unique and original 

Use Whoosnap to share original contents with your friends and the global Community. The key is to upload only contents you’ve created yourself.

  • Engage with the Community

 Whoosnap is a Community of talented people who support and respect each other. Comment on the contents of the reporters you appreciate and start conversations with others. It’s a great way to receive feedback and connect with photographers and videomakers all over the world.

  • Have fun 

Whoosnap can be an inspiring and rewarding place. Be kind, creative and curious to make the most of your experience.

II. A few things to avoid

Of course, there are a few things to remember so that your Whoosnap profile remains in good standing.

  • Don’t share content that isn’t yours

 Every content you’ll share on Whoosnap will have to be created by yourself. Any other content as the ones copied from the Internet, created by others or anything similar, shouldn’t be shared on Whoosnap at all.

  • Don’t upload, send or transmit any content which:
  1. Violates third parties’ copyright, intellectual property rights or any publicity or privacy rights
  2. Presents content that is pornographic, defamatory, unlawful or immoral
  3. Exploits minors
  4. Depicts illegal or violent acts
  5. Depicts cruelty or violence towards animals
  6. Promotes fraudulent actions or results in misleading advertising or unfair competition
  7. Violates laws , statutes or regulations.

If you post content that violates even one of the above points, your account will automatically be suspended.

  • Don’t be rude

Treat other Community members with respect. Don’t harass, impersonate or intimidate others. Don’t report someone’s contents just because you don’t appreciate the person. If you have a problem to solve, get in touch with that person and sort it out offline.

III. A few final thoughts

  • What you’ll see on Whoosnap

Some of the content present on Whoosnap could offend you. Should this happen and that content violates our Terms and Conditions, please report it immediately.

  • Interacting with other people

When you encounter a problem with another person on Whoosnap, try to solve the situation maturely. That means: talk to each other and sort things out. We’re always here to help you, but we can’t solve personal problems between two people. If there’s been an issue of personal harassment or copyright infringement, please contact our Support team at


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