What’s a Property Release?

A Property Release is required if your content depicts:

-       Identifiable private buildings (a house, an office)

-       Intellectual property, such as registered brands, logos or art works

Here are some examples were Property Release is required:

-       Buildings and places  buildings and other private property, protected and forbidden for commercial use. A content can go without release if the property is generic, without any office branding, address, phone number, email, or if a landscape or a horizon are depicted.

-       Intellectual property →  contents that depict intellectual property objects (logos, names of brands and designs such as products or artworks)

-       Logos and brands →  clearly visible logos, in the foreground or centered by the focal point. Since this kind of release is hard to get, we suggest you could retouch the content to hide the visibility of the brand

Here are some examples where Property Release is not required:

-       Landscapes and horizons  groups of buildings without any focus or unrecognizable structures

-       Non branded objects →  content with objects or generic non branded products, without any logo

-       Artwork and design →  content that depicts artwork or design works not specifically protected or that don’t depict the main subject of  the work.


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