What are the levels and how can I climb them?

Levels are thresholds you can reach and that allow the reporter to earn more and obtain particular benefits.

There are 6 different levels you can conquer:

Level 1 Entry: users who haven’t verified their accountyet but who can start to accumulate points. They cannot reply to requests. They will reach the level corresponding to their points only after they confirm their email address and phone number.

Level 2 Junior: verified users who have 10 to 999 points.

Level 3 Smart: verified users who have 1000 to 9.999 points

Level 4 Expert: verified users who have 10.000 to 49.999 points

Level 5 Senior: verified users who have 50.000 to 199.999 points

Level 6 Premium: verified users with more than 200.000 points, or who have become Premium through Whoosnap Nomination

Users can climb the levels and obtain points by executing the following activities:

  • Uploading a content (10 points)
  • Verifying the profile (10 points)
  • Inviting friends (10 points for each friend who will insert your code and who will verify his account)
  • Sold picture with Standard License (200 points)
  • Sold picture with Extended License (400 points)
  • Sold video with Standard License (2500 points)
  • Sold Video with Extended License (5000 points)

To visualize the benefits obtained by climbing the various levels and the earning/level tab, please go to the following page.


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