Do I have to declare my earnings?

The relationship with Whoosnap is set up as Merely Occasional Performance and is subject by law to a withholding of 20% deposit. Depending on your employment and income situation you may not have to do anything or to declare your earnings in the tax return of your country.  By the end of February Whoosnap will send you a certificate on your earnings and withholding during the past year.

It’s up to you to understand whether or not to use our certification for your tax return.

In order to better assess the situation please avail yourself of one of the many Tax Assistance Centres or of your accountant, delivering them the income documents (certifications such as those issued by Whoosnap) and the documents to obtain tax deductions (medical expenses, interest on loans, life insurance etc).

We’ll transfer the entire amount to the citizens resident outside the Italian territory. It’ll be their responsability to declare the gains in their country or follow their respective taxation laws.


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