What’s the Model Release?

The Model Release authorizes the photographer or the videomaker to use his content, if it depicts any recognizable individual. This release guarantees that all people depicted are aware and consenting to the commercial use of the content.

Here are specific situations in which this release is required:

-       Foreground →  if the content depicts individuals or groups of individuals where features are clearly recognizable

-       Silhouette →  if distinctive features of the person can be identified through the person’s silhouette

-       Tattoos, nevus or scars →  a person can be identified through its tattoos, nevus or scars

-       Location and context →  even if the face of the person is not clearly visible, some contextual factors (unique clothes, location…) could make this person recognizable.

-       Children and minors →  if your content depicts people who are under 18.

Instead, here are some examples where the model release is not required:

-       The individual is not in the foreground  the person has small dimensions, and neither the context nor any detail can make the person recognizable.

-       Silhouette without any distinctive feature →  features not sufficient to identify a person; generic location

-       Crowds →  if the content depicts random groups of people, crowds (concerts, tourists…)

If you’re not sure whether your content requires a release, don’t freak out! The Whoosnap Team will take care of the problem and will allow only editorial sale for these contents.


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