What happens after I upload my content?

Once you’ve uploaded your content, you have 2 possibilities.

  • If you have published it spontaneously, the content will automatically be uploaded on the Whoosnap Marketplace after its approval. You’ll just need to wait for someone to be interested in buying it. We suggest you inserting the hashtag as specific as possible, so as to generate an alert to all those potentially interested in your content.
  • If instead you’ve published it in response to a request, the waiting time will correspond to its maximum duration plus another 7 days that the applicant has at his disposal for purchasing.

In case the applicant bought your content exclusively, this one would automatically be deleted from Whoosnap Marketplace. In all other cases (non-exclusive purchase, non-purchase) you’ll find it on your Profile and on our Marketplace, available to be bought by third parties.  


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